Monday, January 19, 2009

Pool Table Time!

Okie! So I agree that it has been a long time coming. I find it so difficult when I have no internet access and updating blogs have to then be put on hold! But I'm back and ready to update. So what is new... a few things. First off is my very first pool table cake. Got a call two days prior to the delivery date and since it was pretty urgent I decided to save the day and agreed to take on the task. The cake was going to be pretty big as it was two 8.5" square tins put together. Since the lady who ordered it could not make up her mind between choc moist flavour and rich butter I, as usual, decided to make her life easier (and mine a bit complicated) by giving her one choc moist and the other tin a rich butter. So she was happy and I got started.

After baking the cakes, I started with my fondant. I needed alot to cover the cake which was about 17" lenghtwise and about 8.5" in width. Since I ran out of brown colouring I decided to custom make the table with a chrome coloured frame instead of the usual dark brown wooden frame. So I made 2 batches of marshmallow and started kneading it with my icing sugar till it formed a pliable dough. (I hate this part as it can get rather messy and cleaning up after is such a bother!) Once I had that done, I separated them into a few pieces and started working my colouring into it. Out came my green, whatever little brown I had, black and of cause for the balls, I had a little purple, orange, yellow, blue and red.

The results...... TADAAA!

I thought it could be done better but I really did my best and I was pretty satisfied with it since it was afterall my FIRST pool table cake. :)
A different angle.
Well so this is it. Till my next blog, God Bless. :)


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