Monday, January 19, 2009

Adult Cakes

I often get orders for adult cakes. Most of the time, my customers who do order these are really either already married or has hit 30 yrs or so. So, yes, I rarely have perverts calling me up asking for these and I really end up doing these designs with nothing more than a touch of humour. For those of you who think I have a sick sick mind, I have four words for you - 'Give Me A Break!'

Moving on... Calvin my cousin turned the BIG 3-0 and he asked specially for a double D cup pair of tits. I couldn't turn down his birthday wish so out came my round stainless steel bowls and I set out to creating those pair of DD cups. Since he also specified for Chinese titties I had a tough time getting the right colour for the skin but somehow I was very happy with the end result and I must say what was more satisfying was having the birthday boy even more happier!

After the whole DD cup ordeal, I had a call out of the blue one weekend requesting for a Penis shaped cake. Since it was rather last minute I offered to have it done in a simple 2d shape and frosted with a simple butter cream icing rather than a 3d fondant design. She agreed and said that it was for her husband who again, happen to be chinese, so I had to work with that skin tone. Since I do not have a ready made Penis shaped pan, I baked it in a square pan and a 6 inch round pan. I cut the Square pan into half and lined them up to creat the shaft and then I cut the 6 inch round cake into half to create the balls on either side. Some how, everything turned out fine and once again I was pretty satisfied with my final product. Do drop by with your comments as I would love to know what you all think.
Till my next Kitchen adventure, God Bless!

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