Monday, January 19, 2009

Kungfu Panda!

I saw these really cute designs while browsing through google images and decided to have a go at it. This is my attempt at cute little Panda cupcakes. I find them just tooo blardieee CUTE!

I also had a special request from Monica all the way in the UK to have these special design made for her sister as it was her birthday. I had no idea what they were but apparently these are very famous japanese candy called Pucho Candy.

Pocoyo Cake

My little nephew Prince was turning four and he had insisted on having a cake with Pocoyo on it. First of, yes, his name really is Prince and secondly I too, had no idea who on earth Pocoyo was! But the 'Prince' often gets what he wants so his mother rang me and got me to agree to this task. Curious to know who this pocoyo dude was, I headed straight to the Cyber cafe and googled him up. Thinking some japanese - anime - Pokemon - look - alike was about to pop up, I was shocked (pleasant shock of cause) that this little Pocoyo fellar was really something like a 2 or 3 year old toddler. He was Too Blardie CUTE and I fell in love with him that very instant. In fact I now watch his shows on Play House Disney! LOL!

Anyway back to the cake.. she wanted a butter cake and so I decided to frost it with a nice butter cream icing but have the characters done with fondant. It took about 2 days to mould lil' Pocoyo and his friends the Elephant and the Duck. Once I had it finished, I left it to dry up and when I needed to use them, I would just prop them up unto the cake. Of cause it never is as easy as I make it sound... problems soon started. The oven started working up, I could not get the usual round shape I wanted so I had to make do with a rectagular shape, Pocoyo wouldnt sit on the cake without tipping backward so I had to prop him up with a candy cane, and worst of all, I had to fill up more white area since it no longer is a round 8" cake but a 9" rectangle! After a lot of changes here and there, I finally managed to finish the cake and it looked pretty 'OK'. But amidst all that trouble, I had no time to take a proper picture so I had to make do with one I took with my phone at the party itself.
Till My Next Kitchen Adventure, God Bless!

Adult Cakes

I often get orders for adult cakes. Most of the time, my customers who do order these are really either already married or has hit 30 yrs or so. So, yes, I rarely have perverts calling me up asking for these and I really end up doing these designs with nothing more than a touch of humour. For those of you who think I have a sick sick mind, I have four words for you - 'Give Me A Break!'

Moving on... Calvin my cousin turned the BIG 3-0 and he asked specially for a double D cup pair of tits. I couldn't turn down his birthday wish so out came my round stainless steel bowls and I set out to creating those pair of DD cups. Since he also specified for Chinese titties I had a tough time getting the right colour for the skin but somehow I was very happy with the end result and I must say what was more satisfying was having the birthday boy even more happier!

After the whole DD cup ordeal, I had a call out of the blue one weekend requesting for a Penis shaped cake. Since it was rather last minute I offered to have it done in a simple 2d shape and frosted with a simple butter cream icing rather than a 3d fondant design. She agreed and said that it was for her husband who again, happen to be chinese, so I had to work with that skin tone. Since I do not have a ready made Penis shaped pan, I baked it in a square pan and a 6 inch round pan. I cut the Square pan into half and lined them up to creat the shaft and then I cut the 6 inch round cake into half to create the balls on either side. Some how, everything turned out fine and once again I was pretty satisfied with my final product. Do drop by with your comments as I would love to know what you all think.
Till my next Kitchen adventure, God Bless!

Getting Groovy and Retro-fied

My regular customer S decided to get a cake for her boyfie. After going through my designs on facebook, she finally agreed on a retro looking cake. But instead of a pink ribbon she wanted a more 'manly' colour and a bow instead. I was more than happy to deliver to her wants and needs so I got started and I really enjoyed creating this one.

The cake was a 8" round Chocolate Moist cake. I crumb coated it with some frosting and chilled it. While it was chilling, I got my black fondant out and started working it. Once it was pliable and soft, I rolled it out on a lightly floured surface (only that it wasn't flour but icing sugar), and rolled out a big round piece of about 2mm thick. When the cake was chilled, I took it out, smoothened out the edges and draped it with my black fondant. The rest were very simple as I coloured a little bit of the white fondant with a bright yellow, sky blue and lime green, then rolled them out and had round circles cut out. The bow I decided to make into a dark purple.

After that was done, it was all a matter of arranging it onto the cake. Since the cake was too pretty to disturb with any writings, I decided to have them written on the cake board instead. And to further add onto the retro effect, I had each letter alternated with lime green, bright yellow and dark purple frosting. This is what the finished product looked like. :)

Guinness Stout Cake

My Uncle Eric is a big fan of Guinness Stout. Everyday without fail, he would take some time off in the evenings to head down to the coffeeshop for a stout or two. This is 'his' time to get away and recollect on all his memories and God knows whatever else that runs through his mind. My mother says Grandpa was exactly like that. Last Friday he turned 63 and Anna, my cousin wanted to get my uncle a nice cake that would mean something to him. At first we had Snoopy designs and Star shaped designs but somehow nothing could picture him best other than a nice can of Guinness Stout. So after a little discussion, we all agreed to have him a can of Guinness Stout but instead of the usual 'Guinness' we decided to have his name take on the brand instead.

Anna wanted a butter cake for her dad so I found a rectangular shaped tin and baked the butter cake in that. Once that was done, I allowed for it to cool and instead of dying my butter cream black for the base, I decided to melt some cooking choc and make a nice thick chocolate ganache. I had the base covered and once it was hardening up, I took a tooth pick and outlined the design (For this I had to buy a whole can of Stout!). Then I filled up four bags of icing. One yellow, the other white, and the other two with a little black and a light brown respectively. Then, the designing, drawing, colouring, writing BEGAN.

The finished product was something I was pretty satisfied with..

Till my next Kitchen adventure, God Bless!

Xmas Cupcakes

I had a few orders for Christmas and the usual designs were either mistletoes, ponsettias or santas.. so here are a few of those. I could not get proper pics of Santa so sorry in advance. :p

Silly Santa Faces

A box of butter cupcakes with ponsettia and mistletoe designs.

A closer view. :)

Pool Table Time!

Okie! So I agree that it has been a long time coming. I find it so difficult when I have no internet access and updating blogs have to then be put on hold! But I'm back and ready to update. So what is new... a few things. First off is my very first pool table cake. Got a call two days prior to the delivery date and since it was pretty urgent I decided to save the day and agreed to take on the task. The cake was going to be pretty big as it was two 8.5" square tins put together. Since the lady who ordered it could not make up her mind between choc moist flavour and rich butter I, as usual, decided to make her life easier (and mine a bit complicated) by giving her one choc moist and the other tin a rich butter. So she was happy and I got started.

After baking the cakes, I started with my fondant. I needed alot to cover the cake which was about 17" lenghtwise and about 8.5" in width. Since I ran out of brown colouring I decided to custom make the table with a chrome coloured frame instead of the usual dark brown wooden frame. So I made 2 batches of marshmallow and started kneading it with my icing sugar till it formed a pliable dough. (I hate this part as it can get rather messy and cleaning up after is such a bother!) Once I had that done, I separated them into a few pieces and started working my colouring into it. Out came my green, whatever little brown I had, black and of cause for the balls, I had a little purple, orange, yellow, blue and red.

The results...... TADAAA!

I thought it could be done better but I really did my best and I was pretty satisfied with it since it was afterall my FIRST pool table cake. :)
A different angle.
Well so this is it. Till my next blog, God Bless. :)