Monday, January 19, 2009

Pocoyo Cake

My little nephew Prince was turning four and he had insisted on having a cake with Pocoyo on it. First of, yes, his name really is Prince and secondly I too, had no idea who on earth Pocoyo was! But the 'Prince' often gets what he wants so his mother rang me and got me to agree to this task. Curious to know who this pocoyo dude was, I headed straight to the Cyber cafe and googled him up. Thinking some japanese - anime - Pokemon - look - alike was about to pop up, I was shocked (pleasant shock of cause) that this little Pocoyo fellar was really something like a 2 or 3 year old toddler. He was Too Blardie CUTE and I fell in love with him that very instant. In fact I now watch his shows on Play House Disney! LOL!

Anyway back to the cake.. she wanted a butter cake and so I decided to frost it with a nice butter cream icing but have the characters done with fondant. It took about 2 days to mould lil' Pocoyo and his friends the Elephant and the Duck. Once I had it finished, I left it to dry up and when I needed to use them, I would just prop them up unto the cake. Of cause it never is as easy as I make it sound... problems soon started. The oven started working up, I could not get the usual round shape I wanted so I had to make do with a rectagular shape, Pocoyo wouldnt sit on the cake without tipping backward so I had to prop him up with a candy cane, and worst of all, I had to fill up more white area since it no longer is a round 8" cake but a 9" rectangle! After a lot of changes here and there, I finally managed to finish the cake and it looked pretty 'OK'. But amidst all that trouble, I had no time to take a proper picture so I had to make do with one I took with my phone at the party itself.
Till My Next Kitchen Adventure, God Bless!

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