Monday, January 19, 2009

Guinness Stout Cake

My Uncle Eric is a big fan of Guinness Stout. Everyday without fail, he would take some time off in the evenings to head down to the coffeeshop for a stout or two. This is 'his' time to get away and recollect on all his memories and God knows whatever else that runs through his mind. My mother says Grandpa was exactly like that. Last Friday he turned 63 and Anna, my cousin wanted to get my uncle a nice cake that would mean something to him. At first we had Snoopy designs and Star shaped designs but somehow nothing could picture him best other than a nice can of Guinness Stout. So after a little discussion, we all agreed to have him a can of Guinness Stout but instead of the usual 'Guinness' we decided to have his name take on the brand instead.

Anna wanted a butter cake for her dad so I found a rectangular shaped tin and baked the butter cake in that. Once that was done, I allowed for it to cool and instead of dying my butter cream black for the base, I decided to melt some cooking choc and make a nice thick chocolate ganache. I had the base covered and once it was hardening up, I took a tooth pick and outlined the design (For this I had to buy a whole can of Stout!). Then I filled up four bags of icing. One yellow, the other white, and the other two with a little black and a light brown respectively. Then, the designing, drawing, colouring, writing BEGAN.

The finished product was something I was pretty satisfied with..

Till my next Kitchen adventure, God Bless!

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