Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting Groovy and Retro-fied

My regular customer S decided to get a cake for her boyfie. After going through my designs on facebook, she finally agreed on a retro looking cake. But instead of a pink ribbon she wanted a more 'manly' colour and a bow instead. I was more than happy to deliver to her wants and needs so I got started and I really enjoyed creating this one.

The cake was a 8" round Chocolate Moist cake. I crumb coated it with some frosting and chilled it. While it was chilling, I got my black fondant out and started working it. Once it was pliable and soft, I rolled it out on a lightly floured surface (only that it wasn't flour but icing sugar), and rolled out a big round piece of about 2mm thick. When the cake was chilled, I took it out, smoothened out the edges and draped it with my black fondant. The rest were very simple as I coloured a little bit of the white fondant with a bright yellow, sky blue and lime green, then rolled them out and had round circles cut out. The bow I decided to make into a dark purple.

After that was done, it was all a matter of arranging it onto the cake. Since the cake was too pretty to disturb with any writings, I decided to have them written on the cake board instead. And to further add onto the retro effect, I had each letter alternated with lime green, bright yellow and dark purple frosting. This is what the finished product looked like. :)

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