Monday, August 25, 2008


Lately cupcakes have been a craze and I can't help but get in on the excitement. Personally, I always found cupcakes better than a slice of cake. Cute little fellars, with pretty colorful tops and just the right amount of cake, how can you resist such yumminess? Eating them is one thing, baking them is another? So, since I am forever and ever summoned to make my dark moist choc cake, I thought 'HEY! Why not make this into cupcakes?’ The idea had sprouted last Sat and I started out with my preparations. Out came the flour, butter, eggs, sugar, cocoa and this time, I thought I was going to add some extra chocolate to make it even more moist so out came the cooking chocolate, pounded in a thick plastic bag till it became small pieces yet chunky enough that it made slight lumps in the batter. After the batter was ready, I added the chunky cooking choc and filled up my cupcake cups! Pictures anyone? :p

Cupcake batter in cupcake cups :)

Baking in the oven...

Dark and moist insides.. mmmmm Yumz!

The classic cupcake - white icing with a single red cherry to top it off. Cupcake price is standard and are going for RM2.80 per piece.

Since we were still hyped with the whole Cancer event - Oscar Red Prom Night - this was dedicated especially to the organisers.

How much better can the combination get? M&Ms + Luscious Choc Cupcake = Bliss

Promotion price : Buy 6 for RM16.50 only (standard size)

A box of 16 cupcakes : RM 44.00

If anyone is interested, do let me know a week in advance. Custom made cupcakes are also available should there be a fav flavor or a particular colour for a themed party - afterall, anything is possible with CUPCAKES!

Till' my next bitelicious post, take care and God Bless!

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