Friday, August 29, 2008

~A Bouquet of Cupcakes~

When people are in love, they buy flowers. When they have a friend who is not feeling well, they buy flowers. When its a special occasion, they buy flowers... where am I going with this? Wait for it.... ok, here goes -- Why buy a bouquet of flowers when you can present them with a bouquet of CUPCAKES!? Okie Okie, so you are still very confused. Then why don't I allow the pictures to do the talking?

Two toned Pink Carnation

Pretty Cupcakes all in a row

More shapes and colours..

A box of 6 'flowers' are RM 25 - colours are of your choice.

A box of 9 'flowers' are RM 38 - Colours of your choice.

There are three different flower patterns to choose from - Carnation, Begonia and Buttercup. Flavour of cakes are - Dark Moist Choc and Butter.

Do email me at for more information or to place your orders.

Till my next post - Take care and God Bless and HAPPY MERDEKA MALAYSIA!

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