Friday, October 17, 2008

Red and Pink Cupcakes

A regular customer of mine had messaged me on FB with a request of 16 cupcakes and she wanted a simple design for her cupcakes. So I set out to thinking for 'simple' ideas and simple should be easy right? But no - I just could not find anything in my overloaded brain that was simple enough! So I got on facebook and she had given me an idea of what she liked from my FB 'Cupcake Craze' album. Simple plain red and hot pink cupcakes with a little white flower in the middle. So red and Hot pink it was!

You'd think simple design with a simple enough cupcake recipe - it should all go smooth and well and easy right? Not exactly - my first batch was a flop! It wasn't because I got my recipe wrong or anything but halfway through baking - the hubby calls and says he is stranded with no transportation home! What do I do? Leave the house with the cupcakes unattended! Yes! Yes! I know! Careless and rresponsible but honestly - there was a timer and everything and I really could not wait till' it was done before I fetched him cuz' that would take tooooooo long. So I set the timer at roughly 15 mins and left the house (I thought 15 mins was enough because the cupcakes were in individual cups and not a whole cake tin so I did not want to risk burning them by setting a longer time!).

Wen I came back - my dark rich choc moist cupcakes were 'screwed'! It had sunken into the bottom because the cooking process of 15 mins were not enough and so when I tried to rebake it - it just did not work out right. Well, what else was left for the poor darlings but the 'trash can fate'... "NOOOO! Not the trash can fate!!!" screamed the actually rather guilty-instead-of-sincerely-concerned hubby. I looked at my cuppies and said a little apology under my breath and goodbye it was.

Out came the butter, sugar, flour, cocoa, eggs and the rest and another batch was whipped up in under 10 mins. This time I made sure it went right. And the results - satisfyingly good. :)

Till my next Kitchen adventure - God bless. :)

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