Friday, October 17, 2008

Kamasutra Cupcakes :)

Who said the 'Kamasutra' could only be expressed in the bedroom? :) Here are some cupcakes I made a while back with 'Kamasutra' positions on it. Had not had the time to post it up so here's a whole blog on em'!

As usual, I needed to consult my friends for ideas and 2 ideas came about in our discussions - Roadsigns and 'Kamasutra' positions. Both were fairly good ideas but roadsigns would mean that I will need to work with fondant again and I really just wanted a simpler option like a plain coloured butter cream icing. So in the end I decided to go with the Kamasutra positions.

These cupcakes I felt were a real charmer especially when bought for the hubby or wifey that has been away for far too long on a business trip - or it can just simply be a dessert with a touch of humour for that kinky best friend of yours. Well whaetver the occasion, enjoy! :p

Positions (Clockwise): Vienese Oyster, Lovers wrap, Sixty nine and Butterfly

Positions (Clockwise): Blow job, Reverse cowgirl, Doggie and Wheel Barrow

This was the simplest to do - haha.

Another type of position.

The famous butterfly position.

Doggie Style

Reverse Cowgirl move

I dunno why but some of my cupcakes were acting up so this one went out of shape. This is actually more famously know as the 'Superman' position after that song by Soulja Boy.

All in all there were 9 positions. There's more but I only baked 9 cuppies because they were just samples to design for my portfolio. Didn't want to waste a big batch. :)

Till my next kitchen adventure, take care and God bless!

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