Thursday, October 16, 2008

Emoticons??? Or cupcakes?

I had a bad day at the office and my tummy cramps were not helping the situation! My boss was really laying it hard on me and I needed to de-stress - unlike many who would prefer a good massage or facial - I needed to bake! Chatting with my cousin, we went thru ideas for my bake-my-stress-away mission and after a lot of discussions and some random but extremely wild ideas thrown out by my cousin, we both decided on emoticon cuppies. What better way to express my current situation and how I feel about it all. So I waited till the clock struck 6pm - and I CIOWED! Hit the road! SPED home! :p

Once at home - although still in a whole lot of pain, I mixed the cake batter and baked my cupcakes. Took out my marshmallow fondant - looked at my sheet to guide me on the facial expressions and started working hard on it. I was in really alot of pain this time and my cramps were hurting my feet and legs so I sat down while the hubby passed me everything I needed. He really is a darling... at times. :P :p :P!! Kidding - kidding! :)

Once the cuppies were baked, I allowed them to cool down and then I layered a thing layer of butter cream and draped the face over the cakes. Here's the end results.

After it was over, I took a nice long hot shower - and I was once again, stress-free! Sigh - it works all the time. :)

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